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  2/1   Kennedy and Akiba designed the logo and had it printed on the black and white t-shirt 

2/12  NGBC's first membership incentives order: water bottles, bags, pens, books nerdy glasses, etc

1/29    Kennedy brought the idea of the book club to life 

1/30    Akiba had the logo drawn up

1/31    Named the book club NerdyGirlz Book Club (NGBC)

4/16   Second NGBC meeting at Lloyd Gardner Karate School where the girls received a free lesson

4/26   Press Interview with Chris King,  St. Louis American Reporter

4/30   NGBC mtg for the book, The Helen Keller Experience, includes St. Louis American photo session

  3/5  Pre-registered 51 new NGBC members

  3/9  Setting rules and regulation guidelines for the NGBC packet

3/12  First NGBC meeting with 34 official members attending

3/18  Registered NGBC, LLC with the state of MO as a small business

5/15  Participated in the Annie Malone Parade and made front page of the St. Louis Post Dispatch

5/21  NGBC teams up with author Raquel Hunter's Brave Rave book signing at the City Museum

5/25  Kennedy thanks the Directors of the STL County Library for allowing NGBC use of library space

5/26  Interview with Jade Harrell with iHeart Radio

5/31  Kids on the Run aired for Kennedys live interview form Hazelwood School District

  5/4   NGBC on the St. Louis American front page. Press release by Kennedy's brother DePorres Steeples II

  5/5   One-on-one interview with Chris King regarding DePorres Steeples II and the NGBC

  5/9   Video interview with KMOV Channel 4 at Lewis and Clark Library with the girls of the NGBC

5/10   Hazelwood School District recognized Kennedy with Kids on the Move live interview 

5/13   KMOV aired the interview with Kennedy

  6/4   Second membership sign-ups for the NGBC added 34 new members

  6/5   i Heart Radio airs NGBC interview

6/12   NGBC "Keep Reading Keep Writing" Seminar/Pizza party

6/13   Completed trade mark process with attorney

6/18   Radio Interview with April Jefferson of Ferguson USA Hot Talk Radio

  July 9   Getting to know you meeting

July 23   New Life Outreach NGBC Giving back to the community

July 28   Kennedy is a guest speaker for KenniKouture Kids Day Camp at their EntreprenuHer event

July 30   Invest in Yourself (NGBC) Guest Vendor

  Aug 7   History Museum Topic: We are Queens Experiment

Aug 12   Women Empowering Pizza Party

Aug 27   Launched the NGBC umbrella

Aug 28   Kennedy’s Rockin’ to the 80’s Birthday Party

  Sept 4  Day Party and Fashion Show NGBC Vending Event

Sept 10  NGBC Meeting Pt. 2 Keep Reading Keep Writing with Michelle Obama Discussion

Sept 14  Cancer Support Community, Pacifiers, Pompoms and Pearls: A Girls Glam day. NGBC sponsored

Sept 14  Wills Way Inc. Block Party NGBC Vending

Sept 24  NGBC Pt. 2 Getting to know you Fun Day Sac Lunch at the Zoo

Sept 24  New Member Sign ups

Sept 30  Washington University 50 x 50 Missouri Exhibit

  Oct 1  Sista Strut

  Oct 4  Added a New Logo to the NGBC

  Oct 8  Getting to know you part 3 Zoo Sac Lunch

  Oct 9  Skate and Smile hosted the NGBC to their Skate Party

Oct 16  Kidz Expo

Oct 22  S.T.E.A.M NGBC Meeting ( Who was Marie Courie)

Oct 28  NGBC host Trunk or Treat at Grannemann Elementary School (Kennedy)

Nov 5 NGBC helped sponsor Little Legacies Community Outreach at Gateway 180 Homeless Shelter

Nov 13 Served a pre-Thanksgiving dinner at New Life Evangelistic Center Outreach  

Nov 19 Meeting at the Ferguson Police Dept.....A Peaceful Protest

Dec 11 Nerdy Yoga

  January 7 New membership sign ups

  January 7 NGBC Meeting "A Sisterhood"

  January 8 NerdyGirlz on Wheelz Fundraiser Skating Event

January 20 Registered for Annie Malone Mayday Parade

January 21 Better Family Life "Daughters of the Dusk" Book Club Hosted

January 29 NGBC Coding Class at Microsoft in STL Galleria Mall

  February 7  NGBC became a Registered Trade Mark with the U.S

February 11  NGBC Meeting P.S Be Eleven book discussion

February 12  Coding Class  at Microsoft

February 18  Karate Fun Day at Lloyd Gardener Karate School

February 19  Coding Class  at Microsoft

  March 4  Reading/Writing Workshop with Author DuEwa Frazier club meeting

March 11  NGBC 1st annual Lock-In

March 12  Happy 1st birthday NerdyGirlz Book club

March 23  Launched NerdyBoyz Book Club (coming late Spring 2017)

March 26  Microsoft Digital Art with Fresh Paint Workshop

  April 1  1st Family Photo Shoot

  April 8  Painting an Emoji w/Ms. Shonta

April 21  Kennedy T. chosen to be finalist for Miss Missouri

April 27  NGBC Career Day@ Johnson Wabash

    May 6 NGBC Meeting  (Liberty Porter)

    May 7 Creve Coeur Camera Digital Camera Class

  May 13 Advisorz Meeting Starbucks

  May 13  Community News Interview about the NGBC

  May 21 Annie Malone Mayday Parade (Funday)

June 11 NerdyGirlz Fun day at the Zoo

June 17 NerdyGirlz book meeting Julia Davis Library

June 24 Kennedyz Pageant, won 2 trophiez

June 25 NerdyBoyz Book Club Sign up

  July 9  Anheuser Bush Tour

July 10  Exclusive Funday Movies

July 23  NerdyGirlz Meeting 

August 12   August Block Party

August 13   Nerdy Yoga

August 26   Nerdy Meeting

September 9   NerdyClub Meeting

September 23 Bookfest

September 24 Channel 4 Tour

September 30 Sweet Reads with Raquel Hunter

  October 1 Julia's Wish/Flash Mob

  October 7 Sista Strut

  October 8 Annie Malone "Building A Bigger Library"

October 15 Funday Gateway Arch/Sac Lunch 

October 21 Book Club Meeting

October 21 Kids Expo

October 22 Kids Expo

November 4 Book club meeting

November 5 Meramac Cavern

  Dec. 2   NerdyGirlz meeting

  Dec. 3   Kennedy awarded the John D. Buckner Citizen of the Year award from Mr. Brian Hurd Past President of the Epsilon                           Lambda Chapter Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.

Dec. 16   Kennedy was a guest speaker for the Young Engineers Christmas Party hosted by Mr. Ronald Moore at Florissant Valley                   Community College

Dec. 17  NerdyGirlz Book Club hosted 2nd Annual Outreach Dinner at Gateway 180 Homeless Shelter   

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