The NerdyGirlz Book Club was inspired by adolescent Kennedy R. Thompson of Florissant, MO.  

The book club is geared toward young girls who love to share their passion for literature.  

The book club is also about EXPERIENCES. Taking the girls to different places to experience things that they might never have either thought about or be exposed to.

Kennedy Raine Thompson is the Co-Founder of the NGBC. She was born in St. Louis, MO August 28, 2007.


Kennedy is a student in the  Hazelwood School District where she was also acknowledged for being on Kids on the Move. She will be a 5th grader this fall.


Kennedy was inspired to start the book club because of her love and dedication to reading. She also thought that getting with a group of her friends to read would be very exciting and rewarding.


Kennedy loves to dance, sing and read and play chess. She also enjoys cooking and baking.


Her favorite musical artist is Melanie Martinez.


Kennedy tried Ballet when she was 4.  Addtionally, she is a former dancer for one of St. Louis's Majorette Dance Teams. Kennedy plans to be a singer when she grows up and would love to live in Paris, France.


Kennedy has 4 brothers and 2 sisters. She loves traveling to different states, spending time with family, close friends and loves her dog Bushy.