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  Jan 6  Meeting

 Jan13  Julia's Make A wish Birthday Ball

Jan 24  NerdyGirlz Book Club/ Pay it Forward Interview on Channel 2

2/18 It Pays to Read Book Reviews

2/23 Jr. Achievement at Moolah Shriners Center (Vendor) Pays  Read Book Reviews

 2/24 Nerdy Book Club Meetings

3/10  2nd Annual Lock-In 

3/25 Old Courthouse Funday 

3/31 Book Club meeting

4/14  All Girl Community Fair

4/28  Book Club meeting

4/29  Annie Malone 5k Walk

  5/5   Fabulous FOX Theater Tour 

  5/6   Valley of the Flowers Parade

5/19   Book Club Meeting

5/20   Annie Malone May Day Parade

6/16    Book Club meeting


6/26    NerdyBoyz Book Club First Year Anniversary

7/14  Book Meeting

7/15  High Tea Par-Tea

8/11 Book Meeting

8/12 Back to School Giveaway with Hidden Beauty Salon

8/18 Funday - Griot Museum of African American History

9/15  Barber and Beauty shop Book Giveaway

9/16  Yoga w/ Ms Karen

9/18  Book Club Meeting

9/22  Black Hair Expo

9/30  Kids Flea market @ The Magic House vendor)

11/10  Meeting

11/18  Movie

11/25  Outreach at Gateway 180 Shelter

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